Nicolas Reitman, Student


“The Divide offers such a vast variety of wild terrain and ecosystems, making it a haven for outdoor sport enthusiasts. The development associated with natural gas drilling would inhibit one’s ability to enjoy the all the recreational opportunities the Divide offers.”


Jason & Rio Sewell, Sunfire Ranch

Sewel, J. & R.

“It’s not that oil and gas drilling shouldn’t happen anywhere. It’s that oil and gas development shouldn’t happen everywhere. Certain places are inappropriate for development, and the Thompson Divide is one of those places. To me and my family, this is about preserving a legacy of responsible stewardship, self-sufficiency and agricultural heritage — a legacy I hope my two children, the sixth generation to steward this land, will carry on.”

Lea Linse, Carbondale High School Student

Linse, Lea

“Over the last year or so, I’ve taken a pretty active stance on protecting the Thompson Divide, and I’ve encouraged other kids my age to do the same. I think it’s important that we be involved in this issue, because as young people, we will have to live with the consequences of decisions made today for many decades to come. In the time I’ve spent hiking and backpacking in the Thompson Divide, I have been struck by not only the area’s ecological richness, but also the diversity of human activities it supports. I believe that if we degrade this place or its environment, we will lose a special type of land that is extremely valuable and “multi-use” in the truest sense of the word.”

Darren Broome & Nic Degross, Co-owners, Aloha Mountain Cyclery


“Thompson Divide is a very unique area in that it provides a true backcountry recreational experience, yet it is within minutes from downtown Carbondale. To be able to ride or drive a short distance and have such an undisturbed natural environment is absolutely incredible. Thompson Divide is as equally important to our town as a water source for our surrounding ranch lands. Protecting this natural treasure from oil and gas exploitation will allow our town as well as our resident’s Colorado lifestyle to survive for generations to come.”

Kara Armano

Armano, K.

“The Thompson Divide is one of those places where you can truly get away from it all. It’s a place where you can reconnect with a landscape that is open, pristine and really well maintained by nature itself. In Western Colorado, these kinds of areas are deeply connected to our way of life.”

Randy Melton, Avalanche Outfitters

Melton, R. 3

“It’s not about being tree-huggers or granola-eating hippies. It’s about living off the land and living with the land. Basically this area is my way of life. If the elk and deer leave we won’t be able to hunt. If we can’t graze cattle in there anymore we won’t be able to cowboy. It will be the end of our way of life.”

Jenny Hamilton, Ragged Mountain Sports

Hamilton, J.
“Spending time hiking, fishing, and camping in the undisturbed environment of the Thompson Divide is important to me and those who share an enthusiasm for outdoor adventure. The Divide provides such a special and unique area to share with friends and family, and a wonderful place for kids to experience and gain appreciation for the activities and natural beauty that the Roaring Fork Valley has to offer. Let’s make sure future generations have the same opportunity to experience the landscapes of this beautiful area as we have.”