Valerie Gilliam & Jim Githens

Gilliam, V. & Gethins, J.

“You sweat, you swear, and you get dirty. You worry about the weather because you are out there. Everywhere you look is absolute beauty, not developed and the landscape is still wild the way it always has been and you don’t see any roads or cars or buildings.  And mostly,  the day you spend in the Thompson Divide  makes you feel so humble and so alive because it is an adventure and your spirit soars in the absolute pristine untouched magnificence of the Thompson Divide.  You can’t wait to do it again.  Let it Be!”



Lauren McCormick, Climber

As a pro climber, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling the world experiencing natural wonders and cultures.  Although I’ve enjoyed many beautiful places, I consider our home in the Divide the only place I can raise my daughter and have a varied but connected outdoor lifestyle:  climbing, biking, hiking and skiing.  It is the reason my husband and I choose to live here, as I’m sure many other like-minded families would agree.”

Tyler Stableford, Photographer

Portraits of Tyler.

“I’ve hunted, climbed, hiked and mountain biked in the Thompson Divide since 1998 because of the quality habitat and recreation opportunities the land supports. These same opportunities are great for my local business and employees that runs commercial photo shoots and film projects in the area.”

Nathan & Aiden Torres

Nathan Torres & Son, Aiden

“I take my son with me each Fall into the Thompson Divide. I teach him to hunt, to be a good steward of the land, and that there is a life away from smart phones.  I hope to do the same with my daughter as she becomes a little older. While energy development is important to our economy on the Western Slope, it’s important to recognize the role wildlife and wildlife habitat within the Thompson Divide play in supporting a sustainable, diversified economy as well as continuing the sportsmen tradition.”

Jason White, Gardener

White, J.

“Garlic (ajo) may be one of the easiest high altitude root crops to grow. But it would not only be more difficult but nearly impossible without clean water from the Thompson Divide and natural cycles on open agricultural land unaltered by industry. Local food supported by the Thompson Divide is for all sides!”

Aaron Milton, REG

Milton, A.

“Thompson Divide is full of what people think of when you say Colorado: beauty, wildlife, history and clean mountain water & air. We must protect areas with delicate environments that support a diverse economy and not allow them to be developed for short-term goals. Our rivers can’t take much more destruction and neither should this beautiful landscape. We all must work to save the Thompson Divide.”